I like people who are learning to like themselves. Support people on the path to self confidence.


White People: The Middle East is so barbaric. They’ll cut off a person’s hand just for stealing!

White People when an unarmed black kid is murdered by police in America: Yeah, but he shoplifted some cigarillos, so…

#Team ugly but loyal

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recently I’ve been feeling so placid and numb to the world and it’s inhabitants. 
I feel like I’ve been here and done that just watching people trials and errors and I can’t seem to seek excitement, happiness or genuine interest anywhere.


tumblr consistently makes me horny, hungry and jealous. i need to fuck and then eat prawns and pasta.

New Ask Meme: Send me music that you think describes my aesthetic


I saw a few asks that say “describe my aesthetic” so this one takes a bit more creativity.

Whether it’s the lyrics or just the over all sound, send me a song that you think fits my “aesthetic”

Loving your body isn’t conceited

Feeling proud of yourself doesn’t make you a narcissist

Giving yourself credit for something won’t make you lose motivation to keep bettering yourself

Caring about your own happiness isn’t shallow

Putting your recovery first isn’t selfish

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